Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the terms and conditions set out below. They set out the rules governing our photography and short film competition and how we may use your entry to the competition. In these terms and conditions “us” or “we” means Seventh-day Adventist Church – South Pacific Division (ABN 67 096 202 433), and “you” means the person submitting an entry. By selecting and activating the “I Agree” button you agree to comply with these terms and conditions (as amended from time to time, the Terms).

  1. Background
    • Our photography and short film competition (the Competition) is intended to give young Adventist aspiring photographers and filmmakers an opportunity to win one of the prizes set out below, while providing us with a range of unencumbered content to use in our media projects and platforms, and providing local churches with resources for Creation Sabbath.
    • Your Entry must be faith-based; it must tell a story of the creative power of God in nature (the Theme).
    • We will only accept Entries on these Terms.
  2. Eligibility Criteria
    • You must regularly attend a local Seventh-day Adventist church within the South Pacific Division.
    • You can only enter the Competition as an individual, not as a group.
    • Employees of Adventist Media (SPD) and members of the Creation Sabbath Competition Advisory Panel and Judging Panel are not eligible to enter the Competition.
  3. Acceptance Criteria
    • You can enter the Competition as many times as you like, provided that each Entry is substantially different from any other Entry that you submit to the Competition.
    • Your Entry must be received by 12pm (midday) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), on 30th September 2019. Any entries received after that time will not be accepted for the Competition.
    • Each Entry must:
      • have been made only for the Competition, and not been previously made, or existed, in earlier versions;
      • only be entered in the Competition once;
      • incorporate, and fulfil the requirements of, the Theme;
    • Each photographic Entry:
      • must include three still photographs;
      • is permitted to include a “signature” in the corner of each photograph;
      • must be delivered to us via The Entrant’s file or photo sharing account (eg Dropbox, Google Photos), unless the files are smaller than one megabyte each, in which case they may be uploaded as part of your application;
      • if submitted at less than full resolution, a full resolution copy must be provided upon request.
    • Each film Entry must:
      • be no longer than 1 minute in total duration, excluding any titles or credits, and if titles or credits are used, the Film must be no longer than 1 minute and 10 seconds, including titles and credits;
      • have English subtitles if the Film contains any non-English audio (but there is no requirement that the Film include any dialogue);
      • where the Film contains any third party material such as footage, photographs, music, films, sound recordings, broadcasts, brands, third party quotes or samples from other works, such material must be in the public domain, and we require you to describe your use of any such material and provide supporting documentation (such as a web link) to verify that the material has been dedicated to the public domain;
      • be delivered to us via The Entrant’s video sharing account (eg Vimeo, YouTube)
      • if submitted at less than full resolution, a full resolution copy must be provided upon request.
      • be accompanied by at least three still images from the Film.
  4. Correspondence
    • We will determine at our sole discretion whether your Entry meets the Eligibility Criteria and the Acceptance Criteria, and whether your Entry is included in a shortlist or is selected as a finalist or a winner, or does not so qualify, and our determination is final and is not subject to appeal in any way.
    • We are not obliged to enter any correspondence with you in relation to our determination. If we wish to communicate our determination to you, we will do so via the email address you provided in the entry form (Entry Form) you submitted to us when you registered your Entry (your Email Address). All finalists will be notified by email to their Email Address by 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) on 18th October 2019.
    • We can, in our sole discretion, disqualify your Entry from the Competition at any time without prior notice to you if we believe for any reason that your Entry does not comply with the Eligibility Criteria or Acceptance Criteria or otherwise with these Terms.
  5. Winning a Place
    • We will award prizes to four entrants as follows:
      • the entrant who is awarded the judged photography prize (First-place Photography Winner) will win a prize worth a total of AUD $1,000 which can be selected from the following list at the discretion and choice of the winner:
        • gift voucher for JB Hi-Fi, Camera House or a local photographic equipment store, or
        • two days of creative/technical development with Wes Tolhurst Photography, or
        • local photography course, or
        • online photography course(s), or
        • local equivalent.
      • the entrant who is awarded people’s choice photography prize (People’s Choice Photography Winner) will receive an engraved trophy;
      • the entrant who is awarded the judged film prize (First-place Film Winner) will win a $1,000 gift voucher from Camera House;
        • gift voucher for JB Hi-Fi, Camera House or a local filming equipment store, or
        • two days of creative/technical development with Adventist Media, or
        • local film course, or
        • online film course(s), or
        • local equivalent.
      • the entrant who is awarded the people’s choice film prize (People’s Choice Film Winner) will receive an engraved trophy;
    • Together, the judged photography and film winners and the people’s choice photography and film winners are the Winners.
    • Winners will also be notified separately by email to their Email Address on 18th October 2019, and published in the 26th October 2019 edition of the Adventist Record. Winners must claim their prize by 31st December 2019, or the prize will be deemed forfeited.
  6. Rights
    • By entering the Competition, you agree to dedicate your Entry to the public domain (refer to the Creative Commons CC0 statement). This means that you do not reserve any rights to your Entry; everyone will be free to use your entry for any purpose.
  7. You represent and warrant that:
    • you have the full right and authority to accept these Terms and to enter this agreement and grant the rights specified in these Terms;
    • the Entry complies with the Terms;
    • you meet the Eligibility Critera;
    • all the details you submit in the Entry Form are true and correct;
    • you are the sole and exclusive owner of, or have validly licensed or have written permission from the sole and exclusive owner, all rights required to:
      • create the Entry, including but not limited to all rights and written consents from performers and participants, to the use of their performances in the Entry, and all rights from script-writers;
      • create all other elements of the Entry, including but not limited to all rights in third party materials and all rights in the musical works, lyrics and sound recordings comprising the soundtrack of the Entry;
      • without limiting the above, reproduce and use the results and proceeds of the services or contributions of contributors to the Entry (each Contributor), including without limitation the right to edit, alter or reproduce the results and proceeds of the Contributor’s involvement in the Entry, in any manner or context, by you or your licensees or assigns, and such consents have been obtained to the full extent permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), and the right to use each Contributor’s name and likeness of in connection with any publicity for the Competition (Moral Rights Consents); and
      • submit the Entry to the Competition;
    • all residuals or other payments to Contributors in connection with the Entry have been paid, together with the cost of all licenses of all copyright and any Film footage, musical works, lyrics, sound recordings or other material in which copyright subsists, owned by any third parties and which are used or adapted in the Entry;
    • no part of the Entry is the subject of any current or threatened claim or litigation, and the use or exploitation of the Entry will not be actionable for defamation, violate any right of privacy or publicity, or violate the rights (including copyright or moral rights) of any third party; and
    • you indemnify us from and against any and all claims or demands made against us, or our assignees or licensees, in relation to the warranties and representations you make in these Terms.
  8. General
    • Our failure to enforce any right or provision of these Terms will not be deemed a waiver of such right or provision.
    • The Terms contain the entire agreement between you and us relating to the Competition and supersedes any prior agreement. The validity, construction, breach and operation of these Terms are governed by the laws of, and must be adjudicated in, the State of New South Wales.
    • If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, then that provision will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary, and the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effect.
    • In the interpretation of these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires: words and phrases defined in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth); and words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa. These Terms will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and any other material or language used in any other material associated with the Competition, such as our website for the Competition.
    • Neither these Terms, nor your entry into the Competition, creates any agency, partnership or employee/employer relationship between you and us.
    • Any notices required or able to be given by us under this Agreement may be given by email to any email address you provide to us. Any notices required or able to be given by you may be sent via our Contact Us page.